September 23, 2019

Innovations in Designing a Corporate Website

Corporate Website

The idea of a corporate website is to have an introductory website about the company that focuses on the brand rather than its services and products. Initially, they were static platforms providing basic knowledge to users about the brands but things have taken a paradigm shift now. As the brands are becoming more customer-centric and the customers prefer interactive brands the methodologies of creating a corporate web design have drastically been altered, although their purpose remains the same.

It is a known fact that the key to success is to continuously and critically question the norms and ask WHY? The reason is that you need to have a clear and specified goal before initiating the project so the design is in compliance with the purpose the website is supposed to serve. Every platform present on the internet is established with the methodology of communicating with the customers and your web design needs to be interactive as well. This is the era of a customer-centric approach which enables the customers to directly deal with any brand upon their own terms. Induce these necessities in your web design to create an effective platform.

The next step is to know HOW to go about it? How to create a design that accomplishes the above criteria? Following are the steps that will permit you to create a corporate web design that is in accordance with the latest innovations and advancements of the field.

Define your target audience

When we talk about a platform or website being interactive and communicative, it is utterly important to establish the audience you are specifically going to target. The design will be according to this well-defined benchmarks with all the elements featuring your audiences’ preferences. Creating a generalized platform is not in demand anymore and every brand needs to have a website that caters to the likings of its customers.

Your website will speak the same language as its customers to establish effective communication. It will be in compliance with the age, language, demands, and geography of your customers.

Establish your goal

Now you need to critically analyze the reason behind creating a professional website that will portray that exact message. Moreover, you need to focus on providing value to the customers. The website should not be a bragging platform of the brand but rather provide the information that is important or attractive to the customer. It should speak to the customer giving out the message that it is for their service.

If the website will not serve this purpose, the potential clients will turn to different platforms for reviews and information that can hinder the reputation of the brand. The website should be the primary means of communication between the customer and the brand. It should provide all the relevant information that too in a convenient and quick way.

Have a creative concept

Creativity is the basis of success. You need to follow the latest trends but you need to innovate them in accordance with the purpose of the website. Moreover, the design should be aesthetically creative and interesting to sustain the customers. As you are now at a stage where you have successfully defined your target audience and the purpose of the website, now you need to creatively develop the idea that will fulfill the purpose and attract the target audience. Here you need to take care of certain aspects:

  • The elements used should be interesting yet easy to understand.
  • All the features of the website should have been easily accessible.
  • The website needs to be creatively interacting with the customer and should not be a static platform.
  • Creatively utilize various elements such as animations, GIFs, videos etc to convey your message.

Develop a prototype

Before initiating the final product always develop a prototype and get it approved by the stakeholders. Prototyping will not only save your time and resources but will give you ample opportunities to revisit the design and remove the glitches according to the brand requirements. Creating a wireframe and a prototype will clarify the website’s outlook and the feel it is going to disperse. These rough layouts are a major lifesaver anything that is not suitable is caught before investing the time and money on the project.

Create content

Now comes the turn of web copy and other content that you want to place on the website. Ensure that the text is error free and original. The content holds the same importance as the design. Here again, the same rules will apply that the content should provide value to the customers. The content should provide the relevant information to the customers in a language that they are familiar with.

The web copy should be interesting and catchy to attract customers. It should be communicative with the customers and interactive enough to retain their attention long enough so that they get enough time to decide to utilize the brand’s services or products.

Assure the quality

Last but not least comes the quality assurance. It is essential to test the website for responsiveness on multiple platforms, any bugs, or glitches and detailed proofreading of the content. Quality assurance improves the credibility of the website with the reputation of the designer and the developer. Ensure that every feature, CTA, section, and pages are thoroughly checked. The animations, GIFs or videos placed are working properly and are equally responsive to all the platforms.

Final words

Designing a corporate website is not a simple task, as it requires multiple aspects to be covered. However, if done right, it can be the most effective platform for brand recognition and can be a major audience puller towards the brand. Each aspect of the website needs to be researched and specified according to the target audience and should have every possible requirement of the customers fulfilled which they expect from a certain kind of service or product provider and should be a true depiction of your creativity.

Sambit Barua

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