September 23, 2019

Explore Dubai within 24 hours with a Transit Visa


A complete Dubai layover guide

From riding the world’s longest zip line to looking at the horizon from the tallest skyscraper of the world with elation, Dubai is the city of superlatives and audacious lifestyle that defines luxury in a true sense. Every year Dubai welcomes millions of tourists from across the globe and this city has become the hotspot for the globetrotters to experience the luxury that lies between rich Arabic culture and ultra-modern lifestyle.

Well, Dubai has a lot to offer and with so many different things to see and do in Dubai, 24 hours is hardly enough time. But in case you are having a layover at Dubai International Airport, prior to your onward journey and got 24 hours of limited time, you can somehow manage to cover all the major tourist attractions of Dubai. But for that, you need to contact for Dubai transit visa in Delhi, which entitles you to get out from the airport to tour the city.

Spend your morning at the souks

During a one day tour, start your day by exploring the ancient traditional Dubai at the souks market to know what Dubai was like before it turned itself into a major cosmopolitan hub of the world. This is the place where you will get rich spices from the Arabian wadis and gold not to be forgotten at a great price. From lavish gold jewelry, hand woven fabrics, traditional oud fragrances, rich and flavored spices, there’s everything in this market you want to take away with you as a souvenir.

Burj Al Arab- must visit

An icon of luxury, this iconic sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah stands tall as a beacon of modern Dubai, characterized by the greatest ambience you can ever experience. Since its inception back in 1999, the hotel represents Dubai onto the global luxury tourism landscape. Take your pick from an underwater aquarium restaurant and devour into the scrumptious cuisines and experience the luxury.

Visit the great BurjKhalifa and do some shopping

If you are a shopaholic, Dubai Mall is a paradise for you. From hundreds of lavish brands, multifarious restaurants and fun activities to do in Dubai Mall, and the best part is it is just close to Dubai’s landmark BurjKhalifa, it is a must visit place. Soaring into the heights of the atmosphere at 829 meters, the BurjKhalifa is the tallest edifice in existence in the planet. From the peak, you can watch over the world from a perspective that you may have never dreamed was possible.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

It is the world’s largest indoor themed adventure park located in Dubai. Pay your visit here and ride the adrenaline pumping attractions based on iconic Marvel superhero, including the Spiderman, Hulk, Thor and Avengers. If you or your kid is interested in going on a pre-historic expedition, dinosaurs are there to roar back to life in the Lost Valley. The cartoon characters you once used to admire a lot, come to life and give you some exciting rides and after so many thrilling fun-filled activities, there are 28 eateries to satisfy your hungry soul.


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