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April 23, 2019

The Importance of Technology In Changing The World


Humans discovered technology to change the lifestyle and now technology is changing every second .

In this era, Technology has been successfully implemented and it helps to change the way of thinking. With introducing high intelligence robots, Technology is trying to enhance life’s betterment.

Talking about the modern world, We can’t spend a single day without our mobile phones. We are so much addicted to FB, Instagram, Snapchat that we share every details on what is going, what have eaten, where have travelled etc. Why not, Technology has gifted us to share our voice in no time. As times go on we believe in social media’s information rather than traditional methods.

From quick access on internet to connect anyone in the world is possible by dialing few digits on phone. Technology has given many tools and useful resources by putting useful information at our fingerprints.

Before if we have to search meaning of words, we have to use dictionary but now after invention of mobile technology we can find the meaning of words in it. One can easily download or search dictionary apps from internet. There was a time when student do their research works on library and spend hours and hours, Now with a single click on google one can find numerous research papers.

The way we communicate has been changed by Technology

Letters were the medium of communication in the past. It takes days to reach the appropriate person, we also have to track the letters whether they arrived to the right person’s hand or not. But with mobile technology, we can make calls or send wishes to anyone irrespective of the location. Thanks very much to video conferencing tools to make our life easier and fasted.

Technology changed the way we watch TV

Once there was a time to sit in front of TV to catch the live shows or news. But today one can pause live tv or rewind it  if they missed the program. Technology totally changed the way we watch television. The advancement of technology helps the sports fan to watch their favourite gameplay within a minute even if the sport is not happening on their country. Now Smart Tv comes with wifi and internet connection.

Technology has provided too many useful Applications 

Technology has made it possible to search a particular person’s profile on internet just to get particular information about the person. There are too many applications to boost childs brain. There are also many games to play for enjoyment of adults and kids.

Technology has changed our health 

Though advancement of technology has changed the pace of health but reduced quality. In old times people were not so much addicted to electronic items but nowadays people are much dependent on their smart devices. So people are losing physical stamina. People before used to live longer and not much addicted to advance technologies. Now average human age is reducing. Overuse of anything is excess to health.

The advancement of technology has increased awareness

The one thing which all adore about technology that it has tremendously improved one’s knowledge level. Today we can know the new from another part of world within a glimpse. With the help of radio we can hear news even while driving. People are getting more informative by getting updated news on science and technology.

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