How the word subscription is becoming a foible amongst Indians latterly

In recent times, we have seen fast developing eccentricities of Indians when it comes to taking the subscription. There was a time when we Indians had a little knowledge or rather no clue about online streaming web series, online channels or online entertainment platforms. For us the only means to watch on the internet was either on YOUTUBE or some unreliable sites which had a pirated version of our favorite videos or movies.

But, with the introduction of some of the most “talked about” online video streaming apps or websites and with an elephantine exposure to the internet; especially after the successful launch of the Reliance Jio which offers some pocket-pleasing packs for internet usage with a great reception  Indians have slowly and steadily started developing the habit of taking or spending on subscriptions have an uninterrupted joy of watching their favorite shows, movies and many other things.

If we go by some reliable sources calculations, with the increasing Indians subscribers, it will surely surpass the revenue generated by the film industry in India. Statistics show that over 70% of Indians subscribe to one or more video-streaming apps or sites.

One of the most “talked-about” online streaming site is “Netflix”, which is also considered as the Google for streaming services is a US based product. It has gained that much attention and love of the Indians with their one of most grossed web series called “Sacred Games”. Indians are happily speding good Rs. 500/- on its subscription to watch all the exclusive which is available on Netflix. It is estimated that in recent times, there are like  Five million monthly subscription on Netflix of Indians. Well, we can say that Netflix has played a major role in India to grow the base of subscriptions and subscribers.

Its not just the Netflix which is the core reason for the increasing the trends of subscriptions in India, there comes another one which holds a second position when comes to online subscription services, providing some good and at times best web series, videos, comic shows and many more content to make Indians glue to their laptops/mobile screens. We are talking about none other than “Amazon Prime”. Unlike Netflix who marketed their name with their already famous original web series in India, Amazon Prime took a dig into Indians minds by acquiring the rights of a plethora of many popular Bollywood and regional movies along with signing some top names in the domestic comic stand-up artists to create original shows on their platform. Amazon Prime has two out of many other original series which gained much of popularity – Inside Edge & Breathe. But, the USP of Amazon prime was that it catered into the plethora of Indians films having larger Amazon customers in India.  

Following the footsteps, Indians introduced yet another web-streaming app which is home-grown named “Hotstar”. This one app was launched in 2015 during the ICC World Cup and made all the sports-freak give yet another way to keep themselves updated with the sports via Mobile. Three years from then, Hotstar has wangled a global record in Live sports streaming with 10.3 million concurrent viewers subscribed to watch the IPL 2018 final. Making it cut-short, Hotstar has sufficed that much success and growth by focusing on the sports particularly cricket.

To make the Indians enjoy their sports, Hotstar recently launched a sports exclusive membership/subscription of Rs. 299/- a year.

Apart from the IPL and ICC World Cup matches, Hotstar streams all BCCI matches along with all Star channels shows along with a good list of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Now, with the increased fondness towards the online subscription, YouTube also launched lately the YouTube Premium, where the YouTubers get to watch all the exclusive and premiumed videos with a subscription cost. This is becoming a trend in India with growing addiction to online entertainment with the World of Subscription.

This world of subscription also caters the network providers too. With the specific network carriers come different and lucrative offers which can be availed by the users once they subscribe with the specific network carrier along with their push notifications services which are also there with these online video streaming apps and website


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