September 23, 2019

10 tips for Novice from iPhone Application Development Agency

iPhone Application Development Agency

If becoming an iOS developer is your dream job, then your search ends here. With Apple becoming one of the best-selling companies, several iOS App Development Companies India are hiring iOS app developers, so job opportunities are endless.

As of January 2016, there were one billion iOS users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, the European Union, and other countries combined. 260 million of them were iPhone users. The total hiked to 715 million by December 2016, which is almost unimaginable.
You would’ve understood by the title that this for beginners who are fresh out of college or will soon be joining one to study programming.
We want to help you get a job in your dream career and would love to shares these 10 tips that are a lifesaver:

1. Buy an iPhone and Mac

If you want to become an outstanding iOS Application Developer, you need to know iOS actually works. Buying an iPhone and Mac is definitely going to destroy your budget but you’ll be thankful for making the purchase in the long. Listen free and unlimited music on iPhone through Spotify Premium Apk download.
You can buy a second handle model. Try all features that iOS has to offer so that you have a first-hand experience with its functioning.

2. Install Xcode

Xcode is an integrated development environment used to make applications for iOS. You can download the free software from the Mac App Store. Using the software, you can write code, develop a study board, edit, and test app. Experiment around with its feature and get to know it because Xcode is something you’ll be using daily.

3. Learn your Basics

Learning the code is the hardest part but also the most important one. If you are from a programming background and know a few simple languages including Objective-C and Swift, it will be a lot easier for you. If you don’t, then you can learn from the Swift language guide provided by Apple. Dedicate a fixed duration of time to it every day and immerse yourself completely in it.

4. Follow Tutorials

There is an endless number of step-by-step tutorials on the internet, so why not make use of them? Ray Wenderlich and AppCoda have a wide variety of development tutorials. Use them to create different types of apps. Start from simpler ones including calculator, music, weather, and currency converter app.

5. Starting Making Your Own App

When companies hire iOS app developer they want to know whether you have build apps on your own. There will be the testing round to prove your expertise but it is no comparison to a live example of your work. By telling you to develop an app, we don’t mean to ask you to create something as complex as Facebook or Instagram, but something complex enough to show your skills.

6. Learn in Detail About Software Development

Read articles, journals, and news to stay updated about the latest iOS apps and iPhone and Mac models. You can take online courses in software engineering and programming. Download apps on your iPhone and Mac and understand how they work.

7. Complete Your App

Starting your app is easy but completing it isn’t. Always have a clean code, which is organized in small classes. Run tests multiple times to ensure there are no errors.
The app might take only a couple days or a couple months to finish, so stay patient and don’t give up. You can always request your seniors or teachers to help you out if are stuck somewhere.

8. Publish on Apple Store

You never know what can be the success. It largely depends on how well you could identify population needs and target it. Publish your app to understand how the process works and not for revenue.

9. Join GitHub

GitHub is a social media website designed specifically for code sharing. You can upload your app’s code there and keep it public or private. Some employer on GitHub might like your code and come up to you with a job.

10. Contact Your Dream Company

When you feel you have got the skills for a coding job, contact your dream. Show them the work you’ve done and that you are ready for an internship.

Sambit Barua

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