September 23, 2019

KW CBD Oil Could be the Next Petroleum in the Block

cbd oil for adhd

Buy CBD oil and see for yourself the transformation you go through, within 6 months of it’s usage. CBD has now become a new buzz word which is doing the rounds in the hypermarket Ecosystem and e-commerce platforms. CBD oil is fast catching up with people of all ages who are open to making an experiment with something new and fresh, as a concept and a genre of therapy. Social networking sites are brewing up with anecdotes of experiences of how people reap benefits from CBD oil along with a detailed narrative of their journey from the dusk of being infected with a disease, to the dawn of recovery. Every day, new users are pouring in the Community of existing CBD users and the community is eventually gaining momentum of popularity all across the world, particularly in those countries where CBD Oil has been granted a legal clearance for commercial uses built around the activities of manufacturing and sales.

As there are legitimate consumers of CBD oil and the number of them is fast soaring up, it has already caught the attention of corporates who are now leaving no stone unturned to make a feasible and commercially driven portfolio out of it that remains relatively relevant across the world. When corporates step up, can monetary gain and interest be left behind? CBD oil still stands surrounded by the midst of a global apprehension which invokes a contrast of opinions built around it. The world is still in a state of a split over its proven potential to cure human ailments balanced against the immense possibilities of misuse which truly makes it a forbidden tree of recent time and who does not aspire to become Adam and Eve in the 21st century. Corporate have understood the ecosystem of the mindset that could help the products tread into the terrain of premium positioning which comes with a premium price tag.

In this context, we could take the example of antacid which happens to be the most commonplace medicine available almost everywhere and usually being sold without a prescription. Almost everyone is well acquainted with it and there is a consumption trend of antacid which is discrete and quite indiscriminate in nature which has already been confirmed even by MCI (Medical Council Of India). So being positioned and marketed as a mass product, antacid usually being priced toward the lower end of the pricing trajectory. CBD oil is just the pole apart in comparison with antacid in many Aspects. There is a lack of awareness about CBD oil that still looms large in the mind of its user coupled with fear for unknown. Availability of CBD oil is also not very encouraging as it is not as commonly available as an antacid. People being unable to take a call on whether it is good, bad or ugly are still prejudiced towards it. But again there is a very popular proverb in English which says that it is unavailability of something that makes it a treasure. If diamonds are as plentifully available as pebbles nobody would ever have stooped to pick it up. Therefore CBD oil is priced at a premium bracket with a much better lucrative margin than that of antacid. Antacid has now become a cluttered market everywhere. Every single inch of the ground is filled to its brim with competition and everyone is just trying to elbow others out to make a room for themselves. Instead of offering the same old antacid products with the same rote narrative of utility, pharmaceuticals are now all geared up to offer different variants with different flavors to cater to the taste buds of the consumers. The brand that tastes the best gets sold in the market over the brand that cures acidity at the fastest. Antacids are now available in a multitude of domestic flavors like coriander, ginger, lemon and what’s not. The same experiment with a broader magnitude had also taken place in the realms of CBD oil. Musk, Mint, Lavender, Chocolate and exotic herbs are some of the prominent flavors CBD oil has been experimented with. Let’s take a look at the extended product portfolio which has now been made available on shelves.

Premium CBD oil drops in Mint

This is one of the most popular varieties of CBD oil priced at a premium bracket. It is noted to have a soothing effect with subtle anti-inflammatory properties. It is devoid of any psychoactive attributes hence you would not get the feeling of being on a high.

Hemp extract infused gummies

Gummies basically refer to the CBD oil blended with liver cod oil extracted from the shark and other sea creatures. It contains melatonin along with 12 milligrams of hemp oil which is quite sufficient to make someone feel at ease and invokes a ready to bed feeling.

Limited edition of natural Sigurberry high CBD

This is something which is a little more exotic and flamboyant in nature sold in abundance across the fashion circle of Las Vegas and L.A.

Lord Jones is reported to be an enigmatic brand which has reinvented cannabis in the form of candy and put it on offer in several pockets of affluent demography in the US and 6 other nations in South and North America. Recently, it has joined hands with an Icelandic brand called Sigor Rose to expand the market share of this high dose CBD and also to make it available across geographies.

Apothecanna extra strength relieving cream

You cannot, in fact, go to any weed party in California without having someone around you indulging in a massage with this Apothecanna cream. It is high in herbs like juniper and arnica that relieves pain and also get coated in peppermint which stimulates the body and replenishes the senses with a tingly feeling.

CBD Rub in Lavender

If you want to rejuvenate yourself in the ecstasy of scented Lavender rub further embellished with an aroma of lemongrass and lavender, this is the product which is tailor-made for you. It also throws open the other benefits on you as well. It replenishes your muscles and vitalizes your senses with the essence of clove and peppermint.

Lavender CBD sleeping musk

Kana Skincare which is a Korean company rose up to the magnanimity of a global brand with a CBD laced sleeping musk which mesmerized anyone into sound sleep offering peace and solace to the body with an aroma of lavender.

Capsules Hemp Oil

Encoda which is one of the popular hemp oil company worldwide has now been on a social mission with the launch of a program to support the parents who cannot afford CBD for their children. They also, offer some of the finest CBD at a thrown away price in order to help people treat their diseases with a measured dose of CBD.

Strava Hemp oil-infused coffee

This Denver based company make a single-origin coffee bean, soaked in CBD oil. They do not only make excellent coffee that can compete with any coffee harvest cultivated in any part of the world but also make coffees attuned to the desired moods one is embedded with such as Focus, Restore and Escape.

There is a new trend of experiment with a quest to explore a new breed of CBD oil which is now gaining traction and gradually has come under the limelight. Can you ever think about CBD being served with a spoonful of honey or with the essential aroma and elements of exotic fruit extracts? But now it is no longer a distant imagination; it is as real as Antacid Eno (a popular brand in India) is now being flavored with stuff like orange, guava, Litchi and what not. Hence, the market is now inundated with nicknames for flavorsome CBD. Best CBD honey oil is a treat and should not be missed.

It would not be an overwhelming statement to make that time is not far away when CBD oil will be put in the same parallel with petroleum in terms of being a driving force to get people going and living a healthy life with a fascinating smile on the face.

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