September 23, 2019

Here’s Why Your Online Business Cannot Survive Without SEO

I once hired a small web design agency through my network to create a guest posting site, and they did a tremendous job. I thought of hiring them again for new projects in the future.

After two years, I again had a project, and I start searching for them since I lost my contact with them.

I do not know if they had a website, so I tried to locate them on the search engine and didn’t find any results. I found other relevant websites but not them.

I search deeper and jot down all the details I know about that company, including their address.

Fortunately, I came across a review that has also mentioned their site.

The site was professionally designed, and attractive.

But what’s the point of having a great web design if your customer can’t find you on a click?

Since I was well aware of their services, so I dig them more in-depth, but the new clients won’t make this much effort to search them.

This sums the importance of SEO to your online business.

As a writer needs marketing channels to reach out to their audience. Likewise, online businesses need SEO practices to thrive.

Otherwise, the competitors are ready to knock you anytime. Even if your site exists on Google, but if you won’t give it the complete details – your customers will have a hard time finding you.

And without SEO, you can’t reach out to the maximum audience regardless of the efforts you put in the plate.

SEO benefits your business in myriad ways. The prominent ones are:


1.    It makes you Stand Out

With the existence of 250 million websites on the search engines, it’s a pretty tough job to highlight your name among others. Especially when your competitors are staying ahead of the game every time.

A website without SEO never guarantee any sure-fire ways to make your business a success. But with proper SEO, you can’t only stand out from the rest but also boost the sales that can take your business to the next level. So, if your ecommerce website development Dubai isn’t giving you an SEO optimized site, then you should think of hiring a new one.


2.    It derives Permanent Results

With the increasing mobile traffic, organic search has become the primary part of small to mid-size business success. It aims to optimize your digital presence so people can find you fairly quickly.

75% of the people never visit the second page of Google to look for results. It means if you’re not acquiring the top spot on Google, then you’re not in the competition. And only SEO can lead to the first page of Google organically. It derives organic results, unlike advertisements, and won’t end if you stop paying for them.

But you’ll need the effort to maintain the position and keeping top ranking on search engine results. So, the key is to stay updated with the latest Algorithm updates and attuned with the SEO practices.


3.    Boost Traffic and Increase Business Credibility

As soon as you start your SEO, you’ll see a boost in the website traffic. Using analytics, you can trace the traffic source and watch the number of people visiting your site. When you start appearing in the top results on the search engines, customers start trusting you as a reliable company and your business start gaining a name.

Do you know more than ads, people trust the organic results?

If Google dedicates you a top spot with other subpages listed under the home page – it gives your website the credibility that no ad can.

However, establishing an online business takes patience, effort, and time but also gleans valuable results and allow customers to trust your brand.


Zubair Hassan is a content producer at Branex

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