September 23, 2019

3 amazing tips for top-notch email marketing!

When the internet was in its earliest days, the use of email was the most widely popular and used platform of communication. With the advent of social media platforms, however, this task was made much faster and efficient. From using this amazing technology for the sole purpose of connecting individuals at different ends of the globe to using it for marketing purposes, this platform has come a long way!
Consequently, there were 3.7 billion global email users in 2017 and the experts suggest that the number will reach 4.3 billion by 2022. All these positive trends have led to a staggering 293 billion emails being sent every day in 2019!

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing!


  • Take ample time to write a good subject line
  • Try different kinds of calls-to-action (CTA)
  • Keep the message short yet effective
  • Segment your email lists and target audiences
  • Only email users who have to wish to receive messages from you
  • Try out A/B testing
  • Make it personalized and unique


  • Only talk about yourself and your brand
  • Use words that will set off spam filters
  • Send marketing emails from generic email addresses
  • Have it optimized for a single type of device
  • Prevent people to unsubscribe
  • simply purchase a list of email prospects
  • Make it long and full of irrelevant information

1. Personalize each E-mail- Targeting your audience!

In order for your business to grow to its full potential, you must remain opportunistic and keep your eyes open to the trends that cross the markets every day.
With that being said, it’s worth mentioning that we are living in an era of personalization and this is something that we need to make full use of. It’s true that we have an abundance of data at our fingertips today, yet, being unaware of the opportunities that knock on our door, we tend to let them go.

Asking the right questions to understand fully

Segmenting your audience in the most straightforward manner would be to ask relevant questions. Not only does this allow you to instantly get an answer but it’s also really efficient when it comes to saving time. These questions may include the following:

  • Reason for visiting your website
  • If they wish to become a user or to subscribe to your email

It can give you insightful data that can lead to your business sending incredibly targeted emails. This can be more useful for companies that provide services that require customization from their ends, such as a wedding or birthday planners or interior designing companies.

Building Customer Personas

Much like target groups, building customer personas can be made possible by asking a group of people various questions. Together using a mix of attributes and functions, they can combine to be extremely useful to your business.
Many business owners come up with conversion rate optimization only after they realize their websites don’t convert well enough. This means that hundreds of potential customers have already been lost; and, until various CRO methods are tried out, additional hundreds leave their site without taking any action.

Making the Correct Use of Location and Time

When sending e-mail to your valued customers, it’s important to make sure that what you’re marketing is being read. For this to happen, your email must not be lost amidst other such emails and so, make sure that the timing of it is good enough.
Take the location in consideration and plan out the sending details accordingly. This makes sure that when the target customer opens their devices to check their mail, they’ll most likely see yours at the top.

Setting Up Automated Behavioral Trigger Emails

The cheap assignment writing service provider may suggest that an integral part of personalized email experience relates to trigger emails. Basically, this refers to certain actions of the user that cause you to send them automated e-mails. Now, it’s also important to understand that not all cases will be action worthy and so, it’s upon you to understand which ones actually are.
Trigger emails help you to re target the customer, in case they forget or are distracted by some other service provider. Let’s make it simpler to understand by looking into this scenario:
You’re creating a social media account and you’re asked to verify your email address, which, you forget over time.
In this case, it is highly likely that an automated trigger email will be sent to you to make sure that you complete the procedure required.
Following are common cases in which trigger e-mails can be sent:

  • Requesting the customer to submit a form to download your white paper or other free items
  • If the view spent a considerable amount of time browsing the FAQ, you can set up a behaviorally targeted email to ask them for any questions
  • When online shopping, the customer leaves an item in their cart without checking out. You may then send them a reminder email of limited with a small discount

Behavioral marketing is thus designed to act on those choices with the kind of engagement that increases conversion rates, grows profits and vastly improves customer retention.

Matching Personalized Emails and Landing Pages

A landing page is pretty much similar to any other page on a Website, except for the fact that they’re meant to be found and “landed on” directly. If you’re thinking “landed from where?” The answer is simply from your emails and newsletters.
Listed below are some of the reasons they are in so much demand, as suggested by the best assignment service providers:

  • Let you cut back in your email copy and put more links in your emails
  • Allows more extensive explanations beyond your email copy
  • Give the feasibility to showcase your good and services
  • To give your recipient top lists
  • You can send the customer to extensive pages on shipping info and sales
  • Draw recipients to your website
  • It lets you track your email campaign traffic and how effective your campaigns

2. Authenticate Your E-mail so it doesn’t end up in spam!

Imagine working so hard on your email, just to realize that it went to the spam folder of the customer? It hurts to even think. Well, in order to make sure that this doesn’t happen and your email receives priority, you must make sure to follow various types of authentications.

Why is it important?

Email spoofing is extremely nefarious as it lets spammer take over the identities of fine and legitimate email marketers. This is why it’s so important for your emails to be authenticated since spam is in its self pretty straightforward and relates to unwanted messages in the inbox.
All issues related to ESPs are concerned with how each email is handled by the sites, such as Gmail and Outlook. What I mean is that they both might handle spam messages differently and may fail to pass the authentication tests in similar ways. Not only this, but they also have the power to simply block the email altogether!

How can you do this easily?

There are three types of authentication available at the moment:

1. SPF

This is popularly known as h sender policy framework and is the gold standard of email authentication. It’s the most commonly used tool and easiest to access as well. It provides the email service provider with a framework of data for all the emails that you send them.
AS soon as your email reaches the service provider, the ESP checks your personal information against the information of the email and authenticates it. If, however, the data fails to match, your email is sent from an anonymous origin. It then blocks the email from reaching the inbox, in order to remove the possibilities of spam complaints.


This is commonly known as Domain keys identified mail. It’s a way of checking the DNS records with that of the emails or newsletter that you provide with. If these fail to match the ESP will ultimately block that email and thus, you will not have to suffer from spam complaints.

3. Sender ID

Many cheap assignment writing services suggest that much like SPF, it shares identical features. With just a few key differences here and there, they both have the ultimate purpose of authenticating every e-mail by looking into the data records. The ESP then holds against the ones that accompany the emails to make it to the inbox.

3 Offer quality content at all costs!

When we talk about e-mail marketing, one thing to remember is that the trends keep changing. Yes, it’s important to keep up with the trends but what’s more important than that? It’s the quality of email you write. No matter how much aware you may be, if the content being sent lacks quality, it is merely baseless and purposeless.

How to have high-quality e-mail content?

There’s not a one-way road when we talk about the strategies you may opt for, in order to make the best of e0mail marketing. However, keeping some small things into consideration can definitely help to level-up the content you’re putting forward.

  1. Use a familiar name
  2. Write a short and focused subject line
  3. Write a compelling pre-header text
  4. Simple, compelling body content
  5. Evade the spam filter
    If you follow these steps, you’re halfway there but make sure that you make each e-mail personalized and unique, to fit the taste of the customer. Keep changing your tactics to understand which fits best for you and walk the stairs to success!


Marketing has reached greater zeniths in our technologically advanced world, with E-mail marketing making its way to all business worldwide. Not only is this because of the ease of accessibility of this kind of marketing but also the reduced costs that can be afforded by small and large companies alike. Investing in email marketing can be extremely beneficial in climbing your way to success and thus, one must not let go of such a widely spreading marketing strategy.

Author’s bio:

Stacy Colbert, a Post Graduate in Management Sciences from Liverpool University was born in London. She is currently working as a Content Contributor at Assignment Service UK. Her professional experience includes Content Writing service at top-notch educational sectors.


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