September 23, 2019

5 Content Ideas To Prove Your Brand’s Authenticity

Sharing of Customer-Generated Content

Do you own your business and you are looking for ways to present your brand as the most authentic in market? While companies are approaching social media to market their product or services, not all of those companies are effectively utilizing social platform to target their intended audience.

Instead of strategically using the social media, some of the brands usually focus on driving more and more sales. They must understand their target audience and work to build a level of trust and brand authenticity in order to make your brand a success in the long run. How?

Coming up with authentic content that doesn’t solely focus on advertising tactics should be the key every marketer should consider to build up a powerful customer base. Since authenticity’s definition vary between different age groups, brands must ensure to implement strategies that goes well with all of them and every approaching customer must be able to build a satisfaction by going through company’s content.

Though there are number of ways you can do so, this article will help you with building brand’s authenticity through your content.

1. Sharing of Customer-Generated Content

Since the majority of people consider the customer-generated content as most authentic, companies should mainly focus on it to get optimal results. According to a study, up to 60% consumers think that user-generated content is the most authentic while 20% believe that company generated also play its part.

You can follow some of the below listed tactics:

  • Ask your customers and followers about their feedback with your services.
  • Use that feedback or review to publish on social media pages as well the website.
  • Apply boost to that post to reach out to greater number of your intended audience
  • Ask your customer to input their recommendations or any change they would like to see in company’s processes
  • You can even hold a contest in which winner will get rewards in response to their content and response submission.
  • Do not forget to seek proper permission from the customer before publishing their content.

2. Don’t Just Focus On Selling! Rather, Engage Your Customer

Just like writers on online essay help UK come up with a quality and engaging content for their clients, it is important for brand too to focus on the quality of content and make it engaging. The content that solely revolves around the product or service selling will eventually bore the customers and they might end up in between.

In order to make your brand authentic and trustworthy, you must ensure to post the content that can hook up readers’ attention and they will give a second thought to making deal with your brand. Ask you reader couple of questions, adding some interesting storyline, humor, discussions and sharing some interesting facts are some of the ways readers attention can be grabbed. Go ahead with using these tactics and it will help you become more authentic in customer’s eyes.

3. Build A Community To Market Your Brand

Building up a community that includes relevant and serious members is a great way to show authentic side of your business. Once you have added all the relevant members, you must ensure to share content regularly on that community. Keep them engaged on regular basis by actively sharing post that reflects our brand’s authenticity.

In addition to engaging the potential customer and people of similar interest on a single platform, businesses can also hold multiple contests and events where the community members can take part and get to know your brand well. This will not only help in expanding your business, it will also prove that your brand is an authentic one and people can keep their trust on you completely. People will take keen interest if they find you active and participating in the community or other social channels resulting in greater attention and increased number of customer.

4. Make Customer Profile

Once you have created a community or you know list of followers, you can also let them do half of your marketing. Their real experiences will help many other potential customers to trust your brand online and approach you in case of any purchase required from their side.

Here are some of the ways company can unleash their authentic side and let more and more customer trust their brand:

  • Create list of profiles for your top customers who love your product/services
  • Make sure their profiles have some positive feedback from your customer
  • Include high quality pictures and videos of your followers to engage more and more people

5. Produce Educational Content

If the content is not useful to customer in anyway, it is more likely that they do not get attracted to it. Posting the content that educates your target audience and will be helpful for them in long run should be the first priority.

According to a recent study, people are more likely to make purchases from the brand that offers educational content to their audience. Be it trending news, technology update or any informative piece of write-up, people will not only take interest in consuming that content, they will be more likely to consider your brand as an authentic one.

Creating educational visuals and graphics will also be helpful to show your creative side that engages greater number of potential customers towards you. Since people usually look for engaging videos that will also help them learn some important information, businesses should consider this aspect as one of the approachable way.

Hence, in the process of showcasing your brand as an authentic one, it is important not to lose focus on your content optimization techniques. If you are able to convey your message to the right audience, half of your work is done. If you are not able to reach your targeted customers, you might end up having decreased growth and business expansion.

Always remember that your customer require authentic content form you and they are likely to deviate from your brand if you have failed to produce one.


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